Trevisi Farm

The idea that the past and the are important, is very important in our family.

The awareness of what has been done by those who came before us is strong: love, respect and care lavished on the farmlands and their fruits. Our story begins exactly from this point: endpoint for someone, and starting point and challenge for us !!

The management has always been respectful of the plants and the nature in general, considering ourselves caring keepers more than owners. Olive groves and vineyards in the family estates, planted by my grandfather Giovanni Trevisi, and cared with love until a few years ago by my aunt Maria Rosa, are living witnesses. The farms belong to the my family since the middle of the ‘700: when you come to visit us, we could browse ancient notarial deeds.


In some estates, as in “The Morgana” it is still possible to find a villa where the family spent long stays. In other farms, such as in “The Small Sirsi “, the permanent presence of personnel and animals brought to have besides the agriculture products, the production of milk, ricotta and cheese.

Now, support and advices given by my husband Fabrizio and my sons, Francesco and Niccolò, lead me to commit myself to the utmost to reinvigorate the company, working with tenacity on quality both in the run in the products. 

A special mention to Piero and Cosimo, whose commitment, dedication and spirit of collaboration are always fundamental in planning and realizing the works in accordance with good agricultural practice: their work and support are crucial to guarantee production systems towards a sustainable agriculture, and products of higher quality.

Francesco and Niccolò, my guys, with their proposals, are urging me to face new challenges, more and more exciting but ….. it is a wonderful team game !!