Lolio - TREVISI Farm

Lolio is an Extra virgin olive oil of superior category obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical processes. Lolio is obtained from 100% Italian olives, produced by Azienda Agricola TREVISI, in the countryside of Campi Salentina (LE).

It is a blend obtained from olives of native and ancient cultivars named Ogliarola Salentina and Cellina of Nardo, in varying proportions. Farming procedures respect the dictates of the organic method: the trees are cared for adopting practices that protect the environment and the plant itself.

The harvesting of the olives is done by mechanical means when the olives are perfectly ripe: with the help of pneumatic beaters, olives fall on nets placed under the trees, avoiding contact with the ground. Quickly the olives are transferred into boxes and taken to the mill so the oil can be cold pressed within few hours of collection.

Lolio is stored in stainless steel containers – which protect it from light and oxygen – at a constant low temperature, to ensure the conservation and the maintenance of its organoleptic and chemical properties over time.

The phase of packaging in which the refinement of a packaging in continuous improvement, join the prerogatives necessary for the contents remain intact. These features ensure Lolio to preserve its organoleptic characteristics.

Lolio is an extra virgin olive oil of intense yellow color with green hues. Its smell is delicate and balanced opens with herbaceous and fruity scents. Depending on the time of picking and the prevalence varietal, fruity integrates with olive leaf sensations, freshly cut grass, thistle / artichoke / chicory conferred by Ogliarola olives, or the scent of tomato / berry fruit for the presence Cellina olives.

Product description:

Lolio: extra virgin olive oil

Variety: Ogliarola Salentina e Cellina di Nardò in varying proportions depending on the year.

Olive trees age: 50 years

Method of pressing: continuous cycle

Lolio is available in 0,5 liter bottles.


If you prefer, Lolio is available in 3 liters stainless white tin.