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Lolio - SERIE CRU - Trevisi Farm


It is well known that the term “CRU” (a term used in viticulture but currently used in oliveculture) means a product born in a single area and with high quality.

Recently, in Azienda Agricola Trevisi it is born Lolio – SERIES CRU.

Lolio – SERIES CRU is an Extra virgin olive oil of superior category obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical processes. It is a masterpiece, which comes from cultivar (variety) Ogliarola Salentina and Cellina of Nardò, collected by a single extension grove of about 6 hectares, the estate “La Cociolina”, in the countryside of Campi Salentina, owned by the family. The nature and location of this land guarantee olives, harvested in “La Cociolina”, particularly “tasty”, from which you get a precious oil.

The early harvest in the first week of October gives Lolio – SERIES CRU glisten bright green, very spicy taste, highly rich in polyphenols, which also give a fragrant aroma and lively and interesting hints, but also it means that its production is limited by the availability of the fruits harvested slightly earlier. Lolio – SERIES CRU is cold worked and stored at low temperature; it keeps in time its flavor and fragrance.

Product description:

Lolio: extra virgin olive oil only coming from the estate named “La Cociolina”

Variety: Ogliarola Salentina e Cellina di Nardò in varying proportions depending on the year.

Olive trees age: 50 years

Method of pressing: continuous cycle

Lolio is available in 0.5 liter bottles.