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Lolio - SERIE CRU Ogliarola Salentina - Trevisi Farm


EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (EVOO): Oil produced with natural cold pressing and dripping extraction from only the highest quality olives, carefully chosen from the olive trees of Azienda Agricola Trevisi.

PRODUCTION AREA: Puglia, in particular North Salento area, in the province of Lecce.

VARIETY: Lolio SERIE CRU – Ogliarola Salentina is a monovarietal EVOO, made from one variety of olives – 100 % Ogliarola Salentina (cultivar). The olives come from a single estate called “La Cociolina”, having a certain physical homogeneity so it is considered from the point of view of the nature of the soil as communicating a particular character to its produce, Lolio SERIE CRU – Ogliarola Salentina.

HARVEST PERIOD: End of September – first week of October.

METHOD OF PRODUCTION AND HARVEST: Production takes place according to organic farming methods. Harvesting exclusively by using pneumatic harvester. Over a period of 12 hours olives are milled to mantain a low level of acidity.

METHOD OF EXTRACTION: Oil is produced by natural cold pressing and dripping extraction, equipped with a continuous plant and at a controlled temperature.

CHARACTERISTICS: At sight it is limpid, green color with delicate golden highlights. It is an oil of high intensity. Aroma: harmonious fruity oil with strong hint of cut grass, traces of artichoke and tomato leaf scents. Taste: The taste confirms the sense of smell with a medium and medium spicy and bitter progressive and balanced. Good persistence.

PACKAGING AND STORAGE: Available in 250 ml and 500 ml bottles with anti-topping tops. Lolio SERIE CRU – Ogliarola Salentina is equipped with the VeganOK brand. Store away from light and in a cool place. Consume within 18 months from the date of bottling.

FOOD AND EVOO PAIRING: Lolio SERIE CRU – Ogliarola Salentina suitable for combinations with dishes with an important structure, such as red meats especially if grilled or as carpaccio or tartare. Perfect with legumes dishes, vegetable soups and wild game receipts.